Draw the Dots

This website will be taken off line soon. If the email on your account is up to date you should receive a notice. Please do not store any future tunes on this site because they will not be saved.

Draw The Dots provides a way for you to create and share music notation.

Draw The Dots uses ABC music notation. If you want to create scores using this tool, then you need to learn that notation.

No software is required to be installed on your computer. All the rendering is done in the browser using abcjs by Paul Rosen and Gregory Dyke.

Draw The Dots was created in 2009-2012 by Paul Rosen. It is hosted by Paul Rosen. I welcome feedback, so please write to me if you either like or don't like this site! Send all suggestions, complaints, praise, queries, bug reports, and party invitations to: $$$$.

Draw The Dots is free to use but this site is copyright 2009-2017 by Paul Rosen.