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Dear User,

Draw the Dots was first conceived in 2008 as a way to easily create sheet music without having to install software on the composer's computer. At the time, browsers were much less capable and much more incompatible with each other. This worked with IE6 and all other common browsers.

Times have changed, though. The web has come a long way, and the abcjs project has come a long way. Unfortunately, one thing that didn't come a long way was this Draw the Dots project. There wasn't enough time to keep it updated with both the latest in tooling and the latest design styles.

This site worked ok, though, and without any attention for a number of years so there was no reason to worry about it. But I am phasing out the server that it resided on so I'm pulling the plug rather than attempt to move it to a new server and database.

— Paul Rosen

Saved Data

If you had saved music to this site you should have received an email with the contents of your data. If the email that you logged in with was inaccurate or there was an overzealous spam detector you may not have received it. If that is the case, please contact me using the link at the bottom and I will send you your tunes.


If you are here, you probably want to create music using ABC notation in the browser. There are now a number of options for doing that. To create sheet music in the browser, try this:

ABCJS Tune Editor
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If you own a way to enter ABC into a website and would like it listed here, please contact me using the link at the bottom and I'll add it.